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Personalized Video DVD Slideshow Photo Montage

Starting at Just $48.00+
Personalized slideshows and/or videos are the perfect way to capture and remember special moments of life. They are perfect for weddings, anniversaries,  special events or a gift to a special person.


We work with you to create a customized video that you and your loved ones will cherish forever. Please let us know what you’d like, and we’ll produce something wonderful for you.

View Samples:

Youth Indoor Soccer   |   Paris Vacation    |  50th Anniversary   



*music to compliment your photos
*transitions, effects, and graphics
*Options: Private Website, Integrated Video Footage, Filmed Interviews


Basic Package . . . . . . $48
• 1 song (2 to 5 minutes dependent on the length of song)
• 0 to 50 photos
• Up to 5 captions/subtitles (not including opening and ending credits)

Silver Package . . . . . . $68
• 2-3 songs (5 to 9 minutes dependent on the length of songs)
• 50 to 100 photos
• 1 short video clips (up to 2 minutes)
• Up to 10 captions/subtitles (not including opening and ending credits)

Gold Package . . . . . . $85
• up 5 songs (10 to 15 minutes dependent on the length of songs)
• up to 200 photos
• 2 short video clips (up to 5 minutes)
• Up to 20 captions/subtitles (not including opening and ending credits)

Custom Package (message us with details and we’ll create something wonderful for you)
Additional DVD (with same customized label) . . . . . . $7
Rush order (one week or less to complete and send)……$10
Integrated Video Footage and/or Interviews…………..Call for Price

Upgrade to our ‘Video Keepsake’ or ‘Feature Story’ for additional options


To purchase, Contact Us with the package and options you want –  include your contact information.  We’ll send an invoice via Paypal that can be paid either with your Paypal account or any major credit card.

After purchasing the package of choice, please include in notes to seller:

1. Title and artist of the song(s) you want included (each photo will show for approx. 3.5 seconds, so you can get an idea of how many photos/videos you will need to fill your movie by dividing the length of the song by 3.5). This site will help you select music.  Please note: copyrighted music cannot be published online without permission.  We can provide royalty-free music on request, just choose your music genre and style.

We’ve found that video montages that are between 8 – 12 minutes in length are ideal for wedding receptions. This usually works out to about 3 songs and 75-100 pictures. While you can certainly display more photos during your slide show, you want to be careful not to subject your guests to an extremely long slide show.

2. What you’d like the title of your video to be, captions and any other important notes or requests.

3. Your photos and video clips (if applicable)

How to send photos and/or videos:

* Download dropbox (a free tool for sharing of large files) and share them with us using the email address imagineroadmedia@gmail.com. Directions can be found here.

*mail them to me on a CD or flash drive that we can return to you (videos must be in .mov or mp4 form)

*photos can be emailed to us but due to the length of time it takes to download each photo individually, there will be a $10-20 surcharge for this service.
*********************************************************************************************************If you would like your pictures, videos, and songs to be shown in a certain order, please name the photos/videos with the corresponding number to show the order you would like them. *************
Upon completion,we will send you the file via Dropbox so you will have the chance to review it and request any changes that you would like to have made. We will work together to edit your video to make it perfect for you. As soon as you are happy with the final product, it will be mailed out the next day.

We look forward to working with you!

Additional Services Available:

*Feature Story – Documentary-style video production of (45-50 min) complete with on-site filming, interviews, and  multimedia.
*Your Video Keepsake – Special keepsake production (30-45 min) incorporating your video footage, Skype-based interviews, and multimedia.
*Slide to Digital Transfers
*VHS to Digital Transfers
*Photo Restoration
*Special Requests

Today's Headline

The Red River – Taos County

Red River in Taos County. The Red River was the most anticipated ‘Solve’ for this first trip out.  It was just not in the cards and I’ll explain why.  First though, I was able to get a good night’s sleep and made it to the El Aguage Campground and the trail leading down to the Red River by just after 9:15A this morning.  Miraculously, I met up with John from San Diego that is also an avid hiker, although, he’s in much better shape.  I was not only fortunate to have him look out for me but he did discuss his recent visit to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial by Eagle Nest Lake (on tomorrow’s agenda).  John had the same exact rental car (Black Buick Verano) as I have.  

Even though I left the area empty handed, the Red River was breathtakingly beautiful and I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to spend time at this sacred place.

Tesuque Creek – North of Sante Fe

Tesuque Creek in New Mexico. According to recent online research, a quick drive from Santa Fe brings me to picturesque Hyde Memorial State Park and the Tesuque Creek .  This area offers lower-elevation vegetation, including pinyon-juniper and oak-pine belts. The creek is easily accessed; its water provides welcome relief on hot summer days.  What’s more important, is a short drive up Hwy 475 out of Santa Fe brings me to Hyde Memorial State Park and the Little Tesuque Falls.  In this area along the highway, is an impact crater that was first discovered in 2005.  All of it holds promise as a potential location for Forrest Fenn’s treasure.