Stephen Claude Raymond was born April 2, 1962 and died after fighting Heart Disease and Diabetes for several years. Stephen had a quiet wisdom that was often misunderstood. After graduating from University of Illinois with an Architectural Design degree, he found meaningful work in Botswana teaching students through the Peace Corp.

After completing three years of service in the Peace Corp, Stephen earned a Masters in Education from University of Wisconsin – Stout and spent many years teaching in the Chicago Public School System. He is remembered for his authentic sounding Irish Brogue and his devotion to his long-time canine companion Beaux. Stephen and Beaux’s remains will make the final journey to the African continent where he felt most connected.

Stephen will be missed dearly by his relatives including four brothers, three nieces, and two nephews.

Produced by Imagine Road Productions ( Music Soundtrack includes Neil Diamond’s Johnathan Livingston Seagull’s ‘Epilogue’ and ‘Be’. Music that was dear to Stephen. We make no claim to copyright of this music and are gratefully using it under ‘Fair Use’ terms.

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