Video Production Types



A webmercial is simply a promotional video that you embed onto your website.  They can vary in length from 30 seconds to up 5 minutes.  A Webmercial can show your products or services in action, perhaps take a tour of your facility, introduce the key people in your organisation, or educate the consumer as to why they need you.

Video Marketing

Video Marketing is a way of promoting your product or service through the use of video.  We help you incorporate thus video in your online marketing through the use of customised video sharing and of course, YouTube.  We will help you develop keywords, tags and meta description for your video and how to capture leads and important email addresses with intrusion marketing techniques.

Promotional Videos

Promotional Video’s tend to run longer than a webmercial and provide a complete overview of a company, person, product or service.  Promotional videos are typically 5-15 minutes in length and can include: facility tour, product demonstration, owner or employee interviews, client testimonials, product or service in action, photos of past jobs, graphics and much more.  Typically a promotional video is accompanied by a complete script and professional voice-over.  A promotional video can be used online, on DVD, at a trade show, on sales calls or via an in-house system. Promotional video packages are customized to meet the needs and the budget of the client.

Corporate Videography

Do you have an annual event that needs coverage?  Is there someone retiring that you’d like to spotlight in a light-hearted video to show at their goodbye party?  Do you tender for large contracts and a professional video may help win the deal.  Do you run award ceremonies that need filming?  Let Green Umbrella take the stress out of the  whole process.


A webinar is the same as a seminar, but conducted online and can be viewed by anyone, anywhere with an internet connection.  It can be educational, informative, humorous, etc. A webinar is ideal for sales or product demonstrations and is an excellent marketing opportunity.  The Green Umbrella team will take you through the whole process from recording the webinar to publishing it online with a unique landing page.  Depending if you would like a live webinar, or just an automated webinar that you can use over and over, we are here to help.