The continued transformation of the customer journey means patients have much more control.  Not only this ‒ informed and aware patients are taking the lead and determining their course of treatment. With so many available options, patients are in complete control of their healthcare process. Especially in the cosmetic and plastic surgery market, patients are comparison shopping and taking much time to evaluate what is going to work best for them.

For the first time, the vast majority of the patient journey ‒ about 70 percent is complete by the time a potential patient engages with sales. So, marketers must face a new challenge. They must learn how to get in front of patients, get involved in their journey much earlier and adapt to their evolved needs and preferences.

A plastic or cosmetic surgery marketing plan may not be at the top of a healthcare marketer’s task list, but it should be. When a plastic or cosmetic surgery practice is looking to grow and succeed, the first course of action is to create a robust and proven marketing plan offering predictable results.

Our ‘Patient Engagement Campaigns’ work on multiple levels to fully engage the patient during there experience with your practice.  From the initial promotion and education about specific procedures to the post-procedure and follow-up messaging meant to reduce complications and retain the patient for continued therapies, we defragment with messaging that brings cohesion.

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