Preserving Life Stories


Your Legacy, Your Life Story

What are the memorable stories in your family that have been told over and over? Maybe they’re stories of hardship and pain, overcoming obstacles, family ancestors, most embarrassing moments, cute things done or said by children and grandchildren, family traditions, fun vacations or other family events. These stories are family heirlooms of the heart which need to be preserved before they are forgotten.

It’s those family stories; the dreams and realities, the successes and failures, the joys and sorrows, life’s milestones and everyday living that give definition and depth to our families and keeps us connected to those loved ones that have gone before us.  At Imagine Road Productions, we specialize in preserving your stories through stunning HD Videography.  Learn More!

Featured Destination


The Forrest Fenn Treasure

Art and antique dealer Forrest Fenn, 84, made a career out of collecting treasures. And now he’s started thousands on a hunt for a treasure he’s carefully hidden somewhere out west. The idea of a treasure hunt started after a bout with cancer: “I said, ‘I’ve had so much fun collecting all of these things. Why not let somebody else have the same opportunity that I’ve had?'” he told correspondent Barry Petersen.

He drove out across the Rockies and left the chest.

“There’s 265 gold coins, eagles and American double eagles,” he said of the chest’s contents. “And there’s hundreds and hundreds of gold nuggets. You’re gonna be amazed at what you find.

The Quest

The Red River – Taos County

Red River in Taos County. The Red River was the most anticipated ‘Solve’ for this first trip out.  It was just not in the cards and I’ll explain why.  First though, I was able to get a good night’s sleep and made it to the El Aguage Campground and the trail leading down to the Red River by just after 9:15A this morning.  Miraculously, I met up with John from San Diego that is also an avid hiker, although, he’s in much better shape.  I was not only fortunate to have him look out for me but he did discuss his recent visit to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial by Eagle Nest Lake (on tomorrow’s agenda).  John had the same exact rental car (Black Buick Verano) as I have.  

Even though I left the area empty handed, the Red River was breathtakingly beautiful and I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to spend time at this sacred place.

Our Team

Multimedia Journalist

Michael is an accomplished Videographer and Photographer with a special interest in travel documentary, legacy, and storytelling. He has traveled worldwide, photographing in Paris, London, Moscow, The Tver Region of Russia, Hawaii, and throughout the United States. He has filmed everything from stage productions and promotional videos to weddings and surprise marriage proposals. His one-on-one approach and attention to detail has been well-received.

Raymond has traveled extensively since birth, having been born to U.S. parents in London, England and spending his childhood traveling throughout Europe while the family resided in Waterloo, Belgium. From the age of 18, the childhood seeds blossomed to a wanderlust that inevitably saw the exploration of such places as Kealekekua, Hawaii and Novozavidova, Russia.

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