Engage Your Audience with Video 



Get qualified leads that convert to sales,  using engaging content that drives your audience to take action.

Gain customer exposure and credibility to compete in your local and extended markets with video marketing strategies

Tell your story and increase your brand recognition.

Engage Your Audience, Drive Action


Provide education and important news to existing clients.

Promote your services, communicate your value, and provide important information to help your clients make informed decisions,  

Discover for yourself why local resources like Kids HQ believe in the effectiveness of consistent video marketing to promote their services.

“Michael is a talented professional that goes above and beyond expectations. I have been extremely impressed with the quality and precision that goes into his work.”

Dr. Jeffrey Betman – Podiatrist in Chicago, IL

“Michael Raymond has been my go-to for web, video, and video marketing. With every project he gets better and more creative. I highly recommend him – especially if you’re a business wanting to grow.”

Stuart Jacobson – ‘The Stu Show’ Chicago, IL

Introducing the portable and convenient KiSS Me Fresh 3.1 Premium Toothbrush. 

In this commercial for Kiss Me Fresh, we focus on the toothbrush’s ingenious design allowing it to be used anywhere, anytime, and anyplace.

Integrating a ‘Voice-Over’ and ‘Actress’ from the Belle Talent Agency in Green Bay, WI, this commercial represents the possibilities available in engaging your own audience with strategic video.

Discover the possibilities for yourself! 


Whether you need a ‘Feature Story’, “Historical Overview”,  ‘Biography’, or ‘Feature Length Documentary’, we are masters at telling your story.

Our services include conceptualizing, research, planning and storyboarding, full production services, and distribution on platforms such as Amazon, Netflix, and others.

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View our trailer for ‘Finding Forrest Fenn’. A short documentary film recently submitted to several film festivals.